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ASAB 20 SMD Pir Motion Sensor Solar LED Light


This motion sensor light is perfect for lighting the front door or patio at night so you can easily find your keys to let yourself into your home safely. The light can also act as a security device and deter burglars. This 20 SMD light has 3 modes which include a dimmed light, strong light and motion sensor mode

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ASAB 3 x 3 Cube Mirrors Game


This puzzle cube is designed to test your mental skills and challenge your patience, as you rotate the mirror cube trying to get each side to match to solve it. This tricky cube may deceive you into thinking it’s as simple as other traditional 3 x 3 puzzle cubes, but upon closer inspection, you will notice the different sizes of each face which adds a new dimension to the equation.

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ASAB 6″ Mini USB Fan


This 6” ASAB Mini USB Fan has a very stylish design and an attractive yellow mellow colour making this fan the perfect companion for your desktop at work or home. Connect it to your PC, laptop, notebook or basically, anything with a USB port for a simple plug and play function.

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ASAB 7 piece BBQ Utensil Set


This ASAB 7 piece BBQ Utensil Set is the ideal gift for all aspiring outdoor chefs and this set has every tool you could possibly need for a day of outside roasting! The functional carry case folds out into its very own custom apron, the set contains an oven mitt, tongs, spatula, fork and salt & pepper shakers.

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ASAB Bake and Roasting Tray Set


This ASAB Bake and Roasting Tray set comes in three scratch resistant pieces to cater for all your baking and roasting needs. They come in small, medium and large and can be stacked for easy storage. The non-stick coating is perfect for baking or roasting; chicken, fish, meat, potatoes and vegetables and much more.

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ASAB Chrome Free Standing Toilet Roll Holder


Fed up of running out of toilet roll just at the most inopportune moments? This ASAB Chrome Free Standing Toilet Roll Holder will give you a supply of toilet rolls to hand, so you never accidentally run out again!   The holder allows 3 rolls to be stored with the 4th in use and is robust enough to stay stable and not to tip over when the paper is pulled.