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ASAB White Solar Powered Post Lights


This pack of 10 ASAB White Solar Powered Post Lights are ideal for patios, paths, borders, ponds and driveways. Made from stainless steel the lights are simple to install with no wiring or electrical knowledge required, featuring an auto sensor that turns the light on and off at dusk and dawn.

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ASAB Vacuum Storage Bags


These ASAB Vacuum Storage Bags will allow you to compress and save space instantly!  They are perfect for storing blankets, duvets, quilts, curtains, pillows, clothes and great for use during travelling.  The vacuum bags are so easy to use, all you have to do is place the items you want to store into the bag and then using any household vacuum cleaner, suck the air out of the bag, compressing the contents.

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ASAB Solar Powered Dual Fence Lights


These sleek and modern ASAB Solar Powered Dual Fence Lights will cast a lovely light over patios, gardens, fences and much more. Featuring two bright LED lights that switch on and off automatically at dusk and dawn. They come with a rechargeable battery and solar panel to the front and charge up during the day.

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ASAB Solar LED Gutter Lights


These ASAB Solar LED Gutter Lights are great for illuminating those dark spots at the side of your house, they are also ideal for lighting up; walls, sheds patios, fences and other zones around your home or business premises. The light fitting attaches almost anywhere and can be mounted at any angle, allowing you to maximise the light coverage.  It is very easy to install as there are no wires required  as these lights are solar powered.

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ASAB Scented Desiccant Dehumidifier


Tired of spending hours cleaning mould off bathroom walls? Are all your precious stored items being ruined by damp in the garage?  Unable to enjoy the peace and quiet of the garden shed due to the damp mouldy smell? Then the ASAB Scented Desiccant Dehumidifier is your answer.

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ASAB Quick Defrosting Plate


The ASAB Defrosting Plate provides you with a safe and easy way to defrost frozen meats & poultry. Avoid using microwaves to defrost your food, which not only partially cooks your food but also reduces flavour and attracts bacteria. The cool touch aluminium tray defrosts meat 10 times faster than leaving it at room temperature.

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ASAB Metal Cat Scarers


This set of three ASAB Cat Metal Scarers with piercing marble eyes will scare off roaming cats, annoying rodents and even birds looking for easy pickings, protecting your vegetable patches, flowerbeds and ponds from damage by unwelcome visitors. These scarers can be used in any weather, just simply push into the ground using the stakes provided, they can also be hung from trees and bushes.

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ASAB Magnetic Gas Level Indicator


This item is ideal for campers and gas bbq users, as it gives you a clear idea of when you need to change or refill your gas cylinders. The magnetic gas level indicator simply attaches to either a butane or a propane gas bottle and gives you an accurate and reliable reading to measure the amount of gas left in a bottle.