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JML Belvia Shapewear Swimming Costume


Belvia Shapewear helps women of all shapes and sizes to flaunt a fabulous new figure in an instant. This swimsuit comfortably shapes your body in all the right places. Using fibre mesh panels, it holds in and supports your stomach, waist, back and bottom to tone, sculpt and define your figure, giving you perfect poolside curves.

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JML Blow and Glow LED Lantern


Blow & Glow is the fun, portable, authentically-styled lantern that you simply blow to turn on and off! And the best part is, unlike those old originals, there’s no flame, no oil, no heat and no danger to worry about. It’s so easy, and safe to use, your whole family will want one.

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JML Boppin Bugs


Boppin’ Bugz are the coolest, crazy critters you’ll ever see! Lights! Noise! Music! And a catch-me-if-you-can way of crashing about that will make you want to bop till you drop! With three playing modes and great characters, you can collect them all for endless fun. With a motion sensor in their back, each Bug can detect your movement to duck, dive, dodge and deny you the chance to give them a bop.

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JML Chillmax Pillow


Need a more restful night’s sleep? or a cooler more comfortable car seat? Then Chillmax Pillow is the answer. On hot sticky nights, getting a restful sleep can be hard but the soft comfortable gel inside the JML Chillmax Pillow will absorb excess body heat and dissipate it away from your skin, giving you a cooling sensation for up to three hours. The cooling effect of the Chillmax Gel means that it can be used for all kinds of applications where things get overheated.

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JML Clean Cut Scissors


Can you honestly say that your kitchen scissors are completely clean? Clean enough that you trust them on your next piece of raw chicken or fish? JML Clean Cut Scissors have solved the problem of grease, grime and germs collecting in the pivot joint by allowing the two blades to detach. Just open and unlock, and you have two separate blades that you can wash, either by hand or in the dishwasher, they’re TOTALLY, HYGIENICALLY CLEAN!

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JML Clever Cutter 2-in-1 Knife & Cutting Board


Chopping and slicing is the single most common activity in food preparation. Now, with Clever Cutter it’s so simple and quick you’ll be chopping like never before! The chopping board is a staple of any kitchen. But when the chopping is done, you have to transfer all that loose food into a pan or dish, right? MESSY! Well, what if the food was already there as soon as it’s chopped? What if the chopping board and knife were an all-in-one amazing slicer that cuts as quickly and easily as scissors and lets the food fall right where you need it?

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JML Colorama Adult Colouring Book


Adult, mindful colouring has rapidly become a hugely popular way for stressed-out people to relax, calm their mind and just let their artistic side express itself. Colorama is the ideal book to help you turn a calming pastime into an artistic way to create beautiful images you can enjoy creating and keeping.