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JML X Power Sweeper


X-Power Sweeper is no ordinary sweeper. Instead of bristles or fibres that just individually flick dust and dirt back up into your face, X-Power Sweeper has a special, high-density, dust-attractive flexible foam head that not only means that uneven surfaces like tiles get thoroughly swept, but it means there is nowhere for the offending dirt to escape. Designed to rotate up to 180° and at an angle of up to 45°, there’s nowhere it can’t reach.

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JML Zwoosh Ball


Zwoosh Ball is the amazing floating ball game that’s great for indoor play. Powerful fans create a cushion of air turning any surface into an instant playing field! The rebound bumper protects furniture, skirting boards and walls, plus the clever ‘Disc’ design keeps Zwoosh Ball firmly on the floor. The built-in flashing LEDs mean the fun doesn’t have to stop when the lights go out.