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JML Pocket Flip Brella


Pocket Flip Brella is the amazing, portable umbrella that opens ‘up and out’, and closes, at the press of a button. Traditional umbrellas force you to step out in the rain before opening or stay outside while closing. Pocket Flip Brella’s clever inverted design lets you open and closes it outside, through a small gap, while you remain dry in your home or car.

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JML Polaryte HD Sunglasses


Most sunglasses just dim your overall vision but Polaryte HD are an entirely new way to protect your eyes from the glare of the sun, while giving amazing clarity of vision and true colours. Polaryte HD are a different breed of sunglasses. Their specially-developed lenses allow the clear, true colour. Polaryte HD reduce glare without reducing clarity or colour, so they are the perfect glasses for activities such as driving, sailing, fishing, birdwatching and any activities that require you to have clear, unfiltered vision with full protection and little or no glare.

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JML Simply Straight


Keeping your hair styled and straight can feel like a full-time job. But avoiding losing that perfect look when you need it most means carrying a straightener and a brush with you for touch-ups and last-minute styling.

Simply Straight is the ideal solution. Combining the hair-friendly ceramic coated bristles of the styling brush with the straightening effect of safe, controlled heat means your hair will always be exactly as you want it. And, unlike the harsh ‘ironing’ effect of traditional flat straighteners, the open face of Simply Straight won’t damage or burn your hair and there’s no need for chemicals or moisturizers.

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JML Star Shower Motion


With JML Star Shower Motion you can have a sparkling light show of laser lights that, when the motion button is pressed, spin and whirl in a sensational moving light display. In just seconds your house will be bathed in a stunning Star Shower with thousands of dazzling red and green laser stars covering over 600 square feet. And when you press the motion button, those thousands of lights spin, twirl and dance across your walls and floors.