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ASAB Drain Plunger


Hand plungers are a thing of the past with this extraordinarily powerful ASAB Drain Plunger because thanks to its compression chamber it delivers air at a greater power allowing you to unblock very quickly, any kind of drain. This powerhouse of a plunger can de-clogg; drains, toilets, sinks, showers and bathtubs without the use of nasty chemicals.

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Automatic Cigarette Hand Rolling Machine


Want to roll the perfect roll up every time? Then look no further as we have you covered!

This Rolling machines make it easy to make large amounts of roll ups in one sitting to fill you box with perfect roll ups.

This handy gadget will help you save money and time!

Simple rolling machine UK 70mm Size.

Use with 5mm extra slim or 6mm slim filters.

Tough nylon welded textured blind.

Use with 70mm UK size green papers.