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ASAB Drain Plunger


Hand plungers are a thing of the past with this extraordinarily powerful ASAB Drain Plunger because thanks to its compression chamber it delivers air at a greater power allowing you to unblock very quickly, any kind of drain. This powerhouse of a plunger can de-clogg; drains, toilets, sinks, showers and bathtubs without the use of nasty chemicals.

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JML Whizz Mop and Bucket Set


This JML Whizz Mop will whizz through all your mopping, with its large 360-degree rotating mop head covering more surface area with each stroke and getting into those difficult to reach spots with ease, shifting stubborn stains quickly. Its lightweight aluminium handle with its 90-degree angle reach makes it easy to get into all those nooks and crannies.

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JML X Power Sweeper


X-Power Sweeper is no ordinary sweeper. Instead of bristles or fibres that just individually flick dust and dirt back up into your face, X-Power Sweeper has a special, high-density, dust-attractive flexible foam head that not only means that uneven surfaces like tiles get thoroughly swept, but it means there is nowhere for the offending dirt to escape. Designed to rotate up to 180° and at an angle of up to 45°, there’s nowhere it can’t reach.