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Cooling Pet Mat


The cooling pet mat is designed to give your pet a cool and refreshing sensation during the summer or anytime your pet may need to cool down, the pet cooling mat is ideal for pets with heat stroke, skin conditions, allergies or post-surgery.

Dog Ball Launcher Cannon


This tennis ball launcher provides you with a simple way to keep your pet entertained; it will also make playing fetch with your pet more fun for you and less like a chore. To launch a tennis ball simply pull back the large handle to set the launcher, simply add a tennis ball down the barrel of the launcher to load it and then squeeze the trigger to shoot the tennis ball for your pet dog to chase, catch and retrieve.

Training Pads For Puppies


These toilet training pads for dogs and puppies are a great way to train your pets the correct place to do their business inside the house, so that you don’t get any nasty surprises in the morning or when your pet is left on its own for short periods of time.

Each pad is ultra-absorbent and leek proof, locking in moisture to prevent leakage and keeps your floor and puppy dry. Featuring a plastic backing and multi-layer protection for your floor, an odour eliminating element is included in each pad to help mask the smells left by your pet.