Blackhead Remover Tool


The ASAB Blackhead Remover Can Solve Your Skin Problems & Features Multiple Functions Including Pore Cleansing, Blackhead and Oil Absorption, Etc. With the Vacuum Suction, It Can Eliminate the Dirt From the Skin Surface, Shrink the Pore, Make Your Skin Smooth and Soft. With 4 Different Probes, It Can Achieve Different Effects.

BLACKHEAD VACUUM REMOVER: Designed With Imported Air Pump and Strong Suction. It Easily Cleans Up the Blackhead, Brightens and Rejuvenates Your Face, Then Reduce Fine Lines

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Blackhead Vacuum is Designed for a Variety of Skin Types. Pore Vacuum Absorption Has 3 Adjustable Levels Suction Forces. Soft Mode is for Sensitive and Dry Skin, Normal Mode Are for Neutral Skin, Strong Mode Are for Mixed and Oily Skin

LED DISPLAY AND USB RECHARGEABLE: the LED Screen Clearly Displays the Absorption Intensity and Battery Power. With USB Rechargeable Battery, Our Electric Blackhead Vacuum is Durable and Convenient

BLUE LIGHT TREATMENT: Designed With Blue Light Beauty Treatment, the Blue Light Contributes to Shrinking the Enlarged Pores, and Removing Blackhead and Whitehead.

SAFE AND RELIABLE: The Latest Generation Has Stronger Suction Power and Cleans the Skin Deeper. The Vacuum Technology Will Not Harm Your Skin and Effectively Remove Stubborn Blackheads, Whiteheads, Dead Skin, Dirt and Oil in the Pores