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    Protective Pond Netting - 3M X 2M

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    • UPGRADE YOUR GARDEN PROTECTION - No Fancy Description Needed Here! The Netting Is Designed Specifically To Protect Your Crops, Fish Ponds And Fruit Cages Against Birds And Other Animal That Might Want To Get A Taste.
    • MULTIFUNCTIONAL - This Garden Netting Works Equally Well With Keeping Out Unwanted Stuff. Make Sure Your Ponds Or Crops Don't Get Unnecessarily Polluted With Fallen Leaves And Other Types Of Debris.
    • PRACTICAL - Extremely Easy To Use, Tangle-Free Design Ensures That Everyone Will Be Able To Handle It, Even Total Beginners.
    • DURABILITY - Made From Tried And Tested Materials, Which Are Safe For The Environment And For Your Crops. The Mesh Is Made To Keep Off Pesky Animals But Also To Withstand Outside Elements, Constant UV Exposure, The Netting Will Last A Long Time.
    • RESPECTABLE SIZE - The Netting Is 300 Cm In Height And 200 Cm In Width. Mesh Size is 15cm x 15cm. Can Be Cut In Order To Properly Adjust It To The Size of The Area That You Wish To Enclose.


    • Length: 300cm, Width: 200cm, Depth: 0.32cm, Weight: 500g

    Box Dimensions: 6.5cm x 6.5cm x 21.5cm

    Weight: 500 g

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    Protective Pond Netting - 3M X 2M

    Β£11.98 GBP

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