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    High-Pressure Drain Unblocker Heavy-Duty Plunger

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    The ASAB toilet unblocking tools clear away tough and stubborn clogs.

    The outstanding power of the shower drain unblocker will quickly release the drains.

    The kitchen sink plunger unblocker system is very simple but very effective.

    The pneumatic drain unblocker features a powerful compression chamber that provides extra power without extra work.

    The drain unblocker tool can be used as a shower drain cleaner, as a kitchen sink drain cleaner, as a bathtub drain cleaner and as a toilet pump.
    In fact, with a single purchase you will also receive two suction cups with the drain blaster:

    • a small one, which is useful for draining sinks, showers and bathtubs,
    • a large one, which is suitable for draining toilets.

    The use of the toilet drain unblocker is extremely simple.

    First push the kitchen drain unblocker handle fully in, then position the suction cup to the drain in the most comfortable and stable position and lift the handle.
    A vacuum will form between the piston inside the drain unclogger and the drain pipe siphon, which produces a strong differential suction pressure.
    Pressure after pressure, thanks to the bathroom plunger the block can be sucked in and the piping can be effectively restored.
    Instructions are clearly marked on the body of the high strength drain unblocker, so you'll always have them in view.

    Dimensions of the shower unblocker:

    Height: 45cm Diameter: 17cm Weight: 0.6kg

    Environmentally friendly

    The heavy-duty toilet unblocker, in addition to solving the problems of obstruction of your drains, respects planet earth.
    In fact, thanks to the shower plunger, the use of polluting chemical agents will no longer be necessary.

    Get free of clogged drains once and for all, buy the ASAB toilet sink unblocker

    Box Dimensions: 40cm x 30cm x 50cm

    Weight: 650 g

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    High-Pressure Drain Unblocker Heavy-Duty Plunger

    Β£29.98 GBP

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