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    Handcrafted Wooden Birdhouse For Garden And Outdoor Decor

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    [The ASAB BIRD HOTEL]  A cute bird nesting box with its fine log cabin detailing would be an arresting and rustic addition to your garden decoration.

    [RUSTIC STYLE] The birds of your garden are sure to be happy with this cute little birdhouse. It's finished in the style and shape that is perfect for log cabins, meaning it will look great among other things on display or inside!

    [SUITABLE FOR] These Quaint Little Birdhouses Are Most Suited To Smaller Garden Birds Like Robins due to the size of their entrance hole.

    [VERSATILE] The Little Birdhouse is a versatile piece that can either stand on its own or be mounted to any post.

    [WONDERFUL GIFTS] Providing a great chance to find and observe these little creatures in your garden, our hanging bird hotel could be an ideal gift for anyone who has ever wanted more interaction with nature.

    Box Dimensions: 15.5cm x 11cm x 14cm

    Weight: 480 g

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    Handcrafted Wooden Birdhouse For Garden And Outdoor Decor

    £12.99 GBP

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