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Dog Ball Launcher Cannon


This tennis ball launcher provides you with a simple way to keep your pet entertained; it will also make playing fetch with your pet more fun for you and less like a chore. To launch a tennis ball simply pull back the large handle to set the launcher, simply add a tennis ball down the barrel of the launcher to load it and then squeeze the trigger to shoot the tennis ball for your pet dog to chase, catch and retrieve.

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Drinking Roulette Set Game


The Drinking Roulette Game combines every gentleman’s favourite two pastimes, drinking and gambling, in one exhilarating game. The Drinking Roulette Game is the perfect way to spend the evening with your mates; just add the alcoholic beverages of your choice and get to spinning the wheel.

The Drinking Roulette Game contains a roulette wheel, two roulette balls and 16 numbered shot glasses.

To play the Drinking Roulette Game; simply fill each of the shot glasses, spin the wheel and drop one of the roulette balls onto the wheel as its spinning, when the ball lands on a number the corresponding shot must be taken. If the glass is already empty, the player misses a turn. The game is over once all the shots have been taken.

To make the Drinking Roulette Game more interesting you can vary the levels and contents of each glass or even use both roulette balls so two shots have to be taken on each turn!

Please ensure alcohol is enjoyed responsibly.

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Dual Wheel Ab Roller with Mini EVA Mat


BEST SIX PACK FITNESS TOOL OF 2020: Want to Know How to Get a Six Pack? Even the Best Ab Rollers Don’t Look Like a Serious Piece of Fitness Equipment, Yet They Are One of the Most Powerful Tools You Can Utilise to Build a Killer Six-Pack and a Rock-solid Core. The Best Ab Rollers Are a ‘core’ Part of the Best Core Workout – Another Reason to Get One Soon

Ab Wheel Plank
Knee Roll-out
Wide-stance Front Roll-out
Narrow-stance Front Roll-out
V Roll-outs
Knee Tucks
Plank to Pike
Oblique Tuck
Single-arm Roll-out
Bridge Hold
One-leg Roll-out

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Face Shield Guard


ULTRALIGHT & COMFORTABLE: This Face Shield Is Extremely Comfortable And Can Be Worn For Long Periods Of Time Without Irritation. Characterised By Its Lightweight And 1cm Eva Foam, It Can Be Worn Comfortably While Wearing Most Models Of Glasses

ANTI-FOG VISION: An Anti-Fog Layer On The Inside And Outside Of The PVC Shield (Polyvinyl Chloride) Ensures Optimal Transparency And Can Withstand Harsh Impacts, Extreme Temperatures, And Is Chemical Resistant As Well As Resistant To Alcohol-Based Disinfectants

REUSABLE: The Face Shield Can Be Reused Again And Again After Cleaning, The Mask Can Be Used To Prevent Oil Fume When Cooking And To Block UV Rays When Outdoors

LUXURY COMFORTABLE: Equipped With An Elastic Band And Sponge Headband, Super Transparent, And It Is Lightweight, Comfortable To Wear

WIDE APPLICATION: This Safety Face Shield Is Designed To Protect Your Whole Face From Flying Debris, Spray And Splatter, Includes A Top Visor Shield, Droplet, Dust, Oil Smoke And So On