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    Slim And Lightweight Plastic Hangers For Adults' Clothes And Wardrobe Organization

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    • PLASTIC COAT HANGERS - The perfect solution to all of your hanging needs, this black coat hanger can be used to display skirts, shirts, jeans, coats or tops. It offers a hassle-free way of getting garments organized in seconds.
    • SUITABLE FOR LIGHT & HEAVY GARMENTS - These hangers are made from heavy-duty plastic with reinforced edges that provide extra support. Their tubular design makes them flexible enough for lightweight clothing but durable enough when holding coats or other heavier items in place.
    • IDEAL FOR ADULTS & KIDS CLOTHES - This hanger is ideal for hanging adults' and kids' clothes including coats, trousers or suits; it's also great if you have a bunch of shirts that need organizing.
    • NON-SLIP HANGERS WITH HOOKS - Stash away all your laundry with the help of this handy hanger! With 2 hooks, it can dry both lingerie and accessories. You won't have to worry about tangled sheets or wet clothes anymore when you use this easy-to hang up everything in just minutes
    • SIZE - Save space with these ultra slim hangers that are perfect for your clothing. They are 37 x 18 cm.

    With this adult black coat hanger, you'll be able to hang your skirts/shirts/trousers/jeans/coats with loops or straps no matter what type of garment it is. Save your space in the wardrobe with these strong and ultra-slim hangers.

    These hangers are the premium choice for your garment needs. With reinforced edges that provide stability while staying flexible enough to accommodate lightweight clothing or heavy coats.

    You can hang everything, including adult and kid apparel like coats or jumpers. With 2 hooks, it offers plenty of space to sort your lingerie or other accessories stored in the best way possible.

    Box Dimensions: 37cm x 3cm x 18.5cm

    Weight: 205 g

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    Slim And Lightweight Plastic Hangers For Adults' Clothes And Wardrobe Organization

    Β£5.99 GBP

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