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    12L Air Conditioning Unit Evaporative Humidifer with Remote 7000BTU 3-in-1 Fan

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    • POWERFUL AIR CONDITIONING UNIT - Our 12L air conditioning unit features 7000 BTUs high cooling performance, and a cooling range of up to 270 square feet, so you can stay comfortable even on the hottest days. The aircon's 24-hour working time conditions your bedroom, living room, and office all day long.

    • MULTIFUNCTIONAL MODES - The air cooler features a wireless remote control and a control panel with an operating distance of 5m to easily access the unit. It has 3-different modes including standard mode for air cooling, breeze mode for natural cooling and sleep mode for noiseless operation.

    • 3-IN-1 AIRCON UNIT - The 3-in-1 portable aircon unit meets all your needs with its cooling fan and dehumidifier. Its adjustable temperature range from 16Β°C-30Β°C makes your room cool and dehumidify in no time. The air filter is easy to remove and washable when not in use.

    • 3-FAN SPEED SETTINGS - Enjoy customised comfort with our air con unit's 3-fan settings. It features low, medium and high fan speeds, so you have full control over the cooling experience to suit your preferences. You can also change the wind direction of the louvre with the help of the swing function on the LED display.

    • DIMENSIONS - The air cooler has dimensions of 30cm (L) x 30cm (W) x 71cm (H). It operates quietly, ensuring peaceful and uninterrupted sleep. The cooler's compact size with 4 wheels makes it easy to move around. It comes with 4x ice packs and a 12L water capacity to cool and dehumidify your room.

    Our efficient portable air conditioning unit is designed to cool your room effectively. With a 12-litre water capacity and a high power of 7000 BTUs, it can cool spaces up to 270 square feet. It operates quietly with a noise level below 65dB, providing up to 24 hours of uninterrupted comfort during hot summers and humid weather.

    The wireless remote control has a range of 5 metres, allowing you to adjust settings from a distance. Choose the standard mode for efficient cooling, the breeze mode for a natural and refreshing sensation, or the sleep mode for quiet and peaceful operation, ensuring a comfortable environment tailored to your needs.

    Enjoy personalised cooling with the air cooler's adjustable 3-speed settings. Easily switch between low, medium, and high fan speeds to create the perfect cooling environment for your preference. Its control panel features a swing function, allowing you to change the wind direction of the louvre for optimal airflow distribution. You can adjust the temperature between 16Β°C and 30Β°C for the ideal cool environment. When it's not in use, the air filter can be easily removed and washed for hassle-free maintenance. With its four wheels, you can effortlessly move it around to any desired location within your home. To enhance its cooling capabilities, the air cooler for the home includes four ice packs, and its large 12-litre water capacity ensures effective room conditioning.

    Box Dimensions: 32.8cm x 33.2cm x 77cm

    Weight: 6640 g

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    12L Air Conditioning Unit Evaporative Humidifer with Remote 7000BTU 3-in-1 Fan

    Β£89.99 GBP

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