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    2L Pressure Sprayer Handheld

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    • [GARDEN PRESSURE SPRAYER] The multi-purpose pump-action sprayer is perfect for spraying water without leaks or spills, even when turned upside down.
    • [MULTI FUNCTIONAL NOZZLE] The trigger-lock feature allows you to spray only when necessary, giving your plants the perfect amount of water without overdoing it. The pressure release valve helps prevent flooding and the nozzle is adjustable so that there's no misting or direct jet.
    • [MUST HAVE PRODUCT] This product is a must-have for the home and garden. It can be used indoors and outdoor for cleaning purposes and in the gardens with water cleaning substances, fertilizers and pesticides for a healthy environment that plants love.
    • [POWERFUL SPRAYER] The bottle allows you to see how much liquid is left, which makes it easier for accurate measurements. It's perfect when filling up or mixing substances in the bottle.
    • [CAPACITY] This long-lasting sprayer bottle has 2 Liter capacity and can be taken anywhere.

    Box Dimensions: 12cm x 12cm x 35.5cm

    Weight: 370 g

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    2L Pressure Sprayer Handheld

    Β£8.99 GBP

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