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    Multicolor Led Shower Head With Temperature Sensor

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    Easily control water temperature with the new Home Houseware LED shower with temperature sensor! An unusual shower with a very modern design that is very useful for children and adults, as it allows you to know the temperature of the water thanks to its lights and display screen. Get it now for your bathroom, they are all advantages!

    • Manufactured from ABS and TPR
    • Innovative and functional design
    • Temperature display in ºC
    • Temperature sensor: cold - warm - hot
    • LED of 3 colours according to temperature:
      • Blue: 0-29 ºC
      • Green: 30-41 ºC
      • Red: 42-50 ºC
    • No batteries required
    • Universal thread G1/2
    • Approx. dimensions: 12 x 23 x 3 cm

    InnovaGoods Home Houseware LED Shower with Temperature Sensor

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    Box Dimensions: 14.3cm x 5cm x 26cm

    Weight: 270 g

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    Multicolor Led Shower Head With Temperature Sensor

    £67.98 GBP

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