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    Fun and Interactive 3D Metal Pin Art Gadget for Kids and Adults

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    Product description

    This metal pin art frame is a classic desk toy which will never go out of fashion and is made up of hundreds of tiny shiny metal pins that when pushed will leave an impression of the object used . this col novelty gadget allows you to create countless patterns and sculptures just by pressing your hand, feet, face and many other objects that will leave cool patterns for you to display.

    • 3D Metal pin art frame
    • Classic impression art desk toy
    • Hundreds of shiny metal pins
    • Simply press objects into the pins
    • Allows you to make countless patterns and sculptures
    • Available in 4 colours (Black/Orange/Purple/Pink)


    Height: 18cm Width: 14cm Depth: 5cm

    Package Content

    1 x 3D Metal Pin Art Frame

    Box Dimensions: 14.6cm x 8cm x 18.7cm

    Weight: 376 g

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    Fun and Interactive 3D Metal Pin Art Gadget for Kids and Adults


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