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    Set Of 4 Zero Gravity Reclining Chairs - Black

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    • TAKE A REST IN YOUR GARDEN - Take Advantage Of Warm Weather And Take A Comfortable Rest, Or A Seat, In This Amazing Gravity Garden Chair. Once You Have Tried This Sun Lounger, After A Day Of Hard Work, There Is No Going Back!
    • MULTIPLE POSITIONS - Depending On Your Needs, The Chair Can Be Put Into Two Possible Settings - Sitting Position, And Reclined Position In Case You Want To Lie Down Comfortably. Also, An Adjustable Padded Head Rest Is Included In The Package
    • EASY TO CLEAN - Smooth Surfaces Are Made Of Special Fabrics That Make Them Incredible Easy To Clean, A Few Swipes And It's Brand New
    • DURABLE - Made To Last For A Long Time And To Easily Support Your Body Weight. The Power Coated Framework Is Made Of Steel Alloy, Making It Extremely Sturdy And Reliable
    • MEASUREMENTS - The Height Is 89 Cm For Reclined And 110 For Seating, The Lenght Is 150 And 94 Cm Respectively. Depths Stays Constant Regardless Of The Positions At 65 Cm. The Seat Height Is 49 Cm, The Overall Weigh Is Around 7 Kilograms


    • Dimensions (upright) - Length: 94cm, Width: 64.5cm, Height: 110cm, Weight: 7.2kg
    • Dimensions (reclining) - Length: 150cm, Width: 64.5cm, Height: 89cm, Weight: 7.2kg

    Box Dimensions: 66cm x 25cm x 96cm

    Weight: 29500 g

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    Set Of 4 Zero Gravity Reclining Chairs - Black

    Β£319.98 GBP

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