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    Set Of 4 Hammer-In Garden Edging Fences With Brick-Look Finish

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    Product description

    A beautiful garden is the ideal presentation for our home.

    But to have a nice tidy garden you need to constantly take care of the lawn edge and flower beds.
    With the rhythms of today's life this is often not possible with constancy.
    Today, however, we are helped by the plastic garden edging border of ASAB.

    This garden lawn edging will ensure that your lawn does not exceed the limit you have set.
    Moreover, thanks to the path edging plastic, the dispersion of seeds beyond the flower bed area will also be greatly reduced.

    Easy to use

    This garden border fencing is very easy to use, you just have to place it in the chosen place and with a rubber hammer beat not too strong to plant it in the ground.
    Each piece of the edging border is connected to the next one in a very simple way thanks to the interlocking system.

    Various design

    You can choose from three different path border edging styles to suit the style of your garden.
    You find the black garden border fence panels, the garden stone effect edging and the plastic garden edging bricks.

    Package Contents

    Lawn edging bricks

    4 x Brick Effect Panels (Each Measuring 43cm x 17.5cm)

    Stone effect garden edging

    10 x Stone Effect Panels (Each Measuring 25cm x 23cm)

    BlackΒ lawn edging fence

    12 x Black Effect Panels (Each Measuring 21cm x 17.5cm)

    Take more time for yourself and waste less time redefining the edges of your flowerbeds thanks to the ASAB plastic lawn edging, buy it now!

    Box Dimensions: 25cm x 8cm x 30cm

    Weight: 1450 g

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    Set Of 4 Hammer-In Garden Edging Fences With Brick-Look Finish

    Β£10.99 GBP

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