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    Set Of 4 Universal Tin Can Covers

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    Product description

    This 4 piece food can cover set is great for keeping your pets food nice and fresh and avoids odour in the fridge, the can covers will fit most standard cans/tins. The 4 can covers each has its own colour; red, blue, yellow and purple featuring a strong plastic long spoon designed to make scooping out food from the cans easier.


    • 4 piece pet food can covers and spoon set
    • Keep your pets food nice and fresh
    • Will fit most standard cans/tins
    • Strong long plastic spoon
    • Ideal for tinned cat or dog food



    Diameter: 9cm Spoon Length: 25cm


    Package Content

    4 x pet food can covers

    1 Strong Long Plastic Spoon

    Box Dimensions: cm x cm x cm

    Weight: 95 g

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    Set Of 4 Universal Tin Can Covers

    Β£8.58 GBP

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