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    Pack Of 6 Hi-Vis Tent Pegs Glow In The Dark

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    • BEAUTIFUL - Such a Glowing Peg in the Night Is Eye Candy for Everyone. It Looks Unbelievably Wicked and Cool. Natural Lighting That Shines Around. The Great Mint Green Color Will Stay With You the Whole Night. Looks Much Better Than Regular Lights in the Dark
    • MULTIPURPOSE - Those Glowing Pegs Are Very Versatile. Mainly They Are Being Used for Camping Tents. They Can Be Used for Securing Fencing for Animals on a Farm. If You Need to Nail Protective Foil in Your Garden, Those Glowing Pegs Are the Way to Go. Other Uses Are Ground Cover Traps
    • DURABLE - Even if They Are Made of Plastic They Are Unbelievably Durable and Damage Resistant. Can Be Nailed Into Wet or Dry Soil. It Is Really Hard to Bend Them, Which Makes Them a Perfect Multipurpose Tool
    • LIGHTWEIGHT AND SIMPLE - Easy to Be Pinned Into the Ground Also Can Be Removed With Ease. Can Be Stored in a Tool Box. They Can Be Transported in a Small Bag. Those Pegs Are Lightweight Just Like a Feather
    • DIMENSIONS - Pegs That Grow in the Dark Those Aren’t Too Big or Too Small, the Height of 21.5 Centimeters. Such a Size Makes Them a Great Tool



    • Length: 21.5cm, Width: 3cm, Height: 3cm, Weight: 155g

    Package Content:

    • 6 x Glowing Pegs


    Box Dimensions: 8.5cm x 3cm x 22cm

    Weight: 155 g

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    Pack Of 6 Hi-Vis Tent Pegs Glow In The Dark

    Β£11.98 GBP

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