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    90cm Diameter Swim Ring with LED Lights for Pool Fun

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    Make your pool time more fun and colourful with our LED Light Swim Ring. This innovative swimming pool float features built-in LED lights that illuminate the ring in vibrant colours, making your swim time after sunset even more enjoyable and magical.

    Measuring 90cm in diameter, the swim ring provides plenty of space for you to relax and float in the water comfortably. The LED lights operate on batteries, ensuring long-lasting illumination. With easy-to-use controls, you can switch between different light modes and create an amazing light show in your pool.

    Not only is it an awesome accessory for night-time swimming and pool parties, but it's also a great safety tool, making the swimmer more visible in the water during the dark.


    • LED Light Swim Ring
    • Diameter: 90cm
    • Integrated LED lights for illumination
    • Different light modes available
    • Battery operated
    • Great for night-time swimming and pool parties

    Bring your pool party to the next level with this LED Light Swim Ring. Not just a simple pool float, but a fun and exciting way to brighten up your swim time. Enjoy the glowing lights as you float around on warm summer nights!

    Please note: Batteries are not included. Please follow all safety guidelines when using this product, especially when swimming at night.

    Box Dimensions: 19cm x 6cm x 28cm

    Weight: 470 g

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    90cm Diameter Swim Ring with LED Lights for Pool Fun

    Β£19.98 GBP

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