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    Memory Foam Wedge Pillow With Adjustable Height And Soft Cover

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    RELAXING WEDGE PILLOW - The ASAB Wedge pillow is exactly what your bed needs. The patented design provides just enough support so that it doesn't feel like an uncomfortable flat surface but also allows natural angles in all areas - back pain-free sleeping.

    HIGH-DENSITY WEDGE PILLOW - The innovative design of the bed wedge pillow provides relief for orthopaedic health issues with your spine, back knee hip. Made from high-density memory foam it helps you get a better night's sleep while promoting correct spinal alignment.

    SUPPORTIVE SLEEP - Your body deserves the best, which is why our 2-inch layer body active memory foam provides an excellent sleeping experience. It will never go flat and remains uniform in density. It adopts your desired shape to provide a supportive sleep.

    WASHABLE ZIPPER COVER - The breathable zipper cover of the memory foam wedge pillow makes it easy to clean. You can just take off your pillowcase whenever you want, wash it in a sink or machine and then put it back on the pillow.

    DIMENSIONS - The approximate size of a memory wedge pillow is 51cm x 46cm x 20cm. With its inclined shape, you can read or watch TV in bed with ease while healing from back pain.

    The perfect accessory for your bedtime routine, our ASAB Wedge Pillow will alleviate symptoms of acid reflux and snoring while you sleep. With the help of this conditioning wedge pillow, it's easier than ever before to get a good night’s rest without worrying about pain or discomfort.

    The sleeping wedge pillow is designed to provide the perfect balance of support and comfort as you sleep. Its ergonomic shape will ensure proper alignment, while an incline allows it to maintain its effectiveness over longer periods during which one may find themselves resting their head against this soft cushion for added relaxation benefits.

    It features a layer of high-density memory foam to maximize comfort and fit your body's shape as best it can. This elevated rest provides relief for orthopaedic health issues with the spine, back knee hip area by promoting better sleep positions.

    Moreover, the breathable zipper cover of the Wedge Pillow makes it easy to wash when necessary.

    Box Dimensions: 48cm x 18cm x 18cm

    Weight: 940 g

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    Memory Foam Wedge Pillow With Adjustable Height And Soft Cover

    Β£39.98 GBP

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