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    Sleep Comfortably Anywhere with Lightweight Roll-Up Foam Mattress

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    This insulated camping roll mat is perfect while sleeping in tents on camps, fishing trips and even festivals and makes sleeping on the ground more comfortable and acceptable so can get a great night’s sleep. The roll mat is made from super soft foam and features an aluminium foil backing to prevent all your body heat escaping into the ground. The camping mat is extremely lightweight and rolls up for easy storage so it will fit onto any camping and hiking rucksacks.

    • Insulated camping mat
    • Lightweight
    • Aluminium backing
    • Rolls up for easy storage
    • Ideal for camping, fishing and festivals


    Length: 180cm Width: 50cm Thickness: 0.6cm Weight: 164g

    Package Content

    1 x Foil Insulated Camping Mat

    Box Dimensions: cm x cm x cm

    Weight: g

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    Sleep Comfortably Anywhere with Lightweight Roll-Up Foam Mattress


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