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    Cat And Dog Pet Radiator Pouch With Warm Fleece Lining For Kitten Sleep Cradle And Animal Basket Hammock

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    • CAT ARCH - Cat arch is the perfect solution for keeping your furry friends clean and fur-free. The bristle design helps gently remove excess hair from your cat when they rub against or passes through this bristle brush ring, which also controls shedding around your home.

    • SOFT BRISTLES RING - The cat arch is made of soft and comfortable bristles that keep your cats coming back. It will keep your cat from shedding hair while making its fur beautiful and shiny.

    • 3-IN-1 CAT ARCH - Self groomer, massager and scratcher all in one cat arch is ideal for your pets to keep their fur groomed and trimmed. The arch includes a dangling red Christmas bell so that your cat can play with it and enjoy hours of fun.

    • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL - This cat arch is made of a durable and sturdy plastic base with a fitted cat scratcher carpet and long-lasting soft bristles that gives your cat a perfect massage for the day. The base is non-slip to keep it in place while your feline friends have fun.

    • DIMENSIONS - This easy-to-assemble cat arch is 38 cm H x 45 cm W x 28.5 cm D and comes with festive gift packaging. It makes a wonderful Christmas gift for your loved ones.

    The ASAB cat arch is made of durable and soft bristles which are ideal for your cats to brush their fur while gently rubbing against the bristles and removing excess shedding. It grooms your cat’s fur, making your cat happy and healthy.
    The self groomer and massager cat arch is the perfect way to keep your cat engaged for hours. The base is a soft carpet that cats can scratch their paws on, so it will never scratch your furniture again. Moreover, the base is non-slip so it won’t tip over.
    The arch ring is detachable and very easy-to-assmeble as well. It comes with a festive gift packaging so it would make a great Xmas gift for your loved ones.

    Box Dimensions: 29cm x 10cm x 36.5cm

    Weight: 935 g

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    Cat And Dog Pet Radiator Pouch With Warm Fleece Lining For Kitten Sleep Cradle And Animal Basket Hammock

    Β£7.99 GBP

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