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    Cat Radiator Bed With Warm Fleece Lining And Hammock For Sleeping And Lounging

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    • COMFORTABLE - Made of Very Soft Material Makes a Perfect Place for Your Cat. This Radiator Bed Is Made of Highest Quality Parts Making It the Perfect Place for Out Pet. It Keeps Your Cat Warm During Cold Days. It Will Be Favorite Place for Your Pet to Curl Up and Spend Time Relaxing
    • DURABLE - It Is Made to Be Heat-resistant and Damage Resistant. Cats Sometimes Like to Scratch Sofa, Table, or Chairs With Their Claws. This Cat Radiator Will Be Tough and Won’t Break. Heavy Weight Is Not a Problem, Since Some Cats Are Heavier It Won’t Make a Problem for Our Radiator Bed
    • VERY SOFT - It Is Made to Relax and Sleep. No Harsh Parts That Could Hurt Your Pet. It Is Very Soft in Touch Making It the Perfect Bed for Our Pet. Just Like a Pillow for a Human
    • EASY SETUP - Wet Wipes or Regular Cotton Cleaners Can Be Used to Remove Hair From This Radiator Bed. Can Use Also Wet Towel to Clean It Up. No Black Magic Setup Can Be Placed Easily on Radiator Without Additional Setup. The Same Goes for Removal, Nothing Hard. It Is Very Stable So Cat Won’t Fell Down
    • BELOVED SPOT - Cats Will Love to Spend Every Second on This Radiator Bed. It's Comfortable, Unbelievably Soft, and Has Enough Room for Every Cat There Is. A Great Addition for Your Beloved Pet.Β  It Is Warm and Safe, Just Like Any Regular Bed. Beloved Place for Any Cat

    This Wonderful Product is Perfect for Cats and Small Dogs, Especially Through the Cold Winter Months. Simply Pop Over a Radiator to Provide a Nice, Warm and Cosy Place for Your Pets to Sleep or Relax for the Cold Winter Days / Nights. Strong and Durable Metal Frame.


    • Length: 47cm, Width: 32cm, Height: 3cm, Weight: 805g

    Package Content:

    • 1 x Radiator Cat Bed

    Box Dimensions: 47cm x 3cm x 32cm

    Weight: 805 g

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    Cat Radiator Bed With Warm Fleece Lining And Hammock For Sleeping And Lounging

    Β£12.99 GBP

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