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    Premium Coco Fiber Liner for Hanging Baskets

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    • ✦ PURE COCO LINER: for Hanging Baskets, Indoor and Outdoor Use. Made from Natural Coconut Fibre, pre moulded for round basket shapes. 100% Natural and Eco Friendly.
    • ✦ DURABLE AND STRONG: Holds plants and soil, enriches and promotes growth of your flowers and plants.
    • ✦ COCONUT LINER: Coco Liner for Hanging Baskets is a must have for your Flower Basket needs. Allows the moisture to be retained from the soil and avoids excess seepage.
    • ✦ SOIL MOISTURE REGULATOR: Maintains and Regulates Soil temperature, globally used as the preferred Coco Liner for planting, décor, flower planting decoration. Promotes Moisture Holding by saving water and making the roots able to easily take water.
    • ✦ DIMENSIONS: Come in 2 different sizes, from 14 Inch diameter to 16 Inch diameter. The hanging natural coco fibre gardening baskets are a perfect and an ideal addition to any garden, patio or lawn. Fits all standard hanging baskets, choose from desirable sizes available. Holds approximately 12 Litres of Soil Compost, suitable for small and medium sized planting of flowers, decorative plants.

    Box Dimensions: cm x cm x cm

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    Premium Coco Fiber Liner for Hanging Baskets


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