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    Collapsible Led Christmas Tree Storage Reel With 800 Lights

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    Product description

    Christmas Lights Storage Bag

    Perfect for decoration storage

    This ideal and compact storage bag is perfect for storing and packing away lights, decor, light ornaments and any other decoration you can think of. Perfect for the holiday season. They bags can organise and store your christmas lights safely and easily year after year. The bag collapses easily for easy storage when not in use.

    STORAGE: Can hold up to 800 lights total or equivalent. Can also hold many other stuff, such as wires, cables, electronic goods, toys, Power supplies, Other lights and much, much more.

    PORTABLE: Zip top with easy carry handles makes the bag portable and super easy to move from location to location, if needed to do so.

    DURABLE: Super light weight storage bag with tear resistant construction.

    SPACE SAVING: The collapsible design allow for space saving design and easily be folded away when not in use.

    MULTI-USE: Can also be used a toiletries holder in your bathroom. Why not hang me behind a door to put away your accessories or un-used items and essentials.


    30cm x 25cm Approximate Dimensions

    Package Includes

    1x Storage Bag with 4 Compartments

    Box Dimensions: 26cm x 3cm x 19cm

    Weight: 275 g

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    Collapsible Led Christmas Tree Storage Reel With 800 Lights

    Β£7.99 GBP

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