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    Collapsible Pop Up Lunch Box With Handles

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    • MOBILE FRIDGE: Unique Design and Technology Allows You to Carry Your Meal, Drinks Cooled Down Everywhere. Huge Capacity Allows to Store Jams, Ham, Water and Any Other Product You Want. Unlike Mobile Heavy Ridges It Does Not Need to Be Powered by Electricity, This Means You Can Travel With Cooled Food Anywhere. You Can Keep Your Stuff Cool Up to Eight Hours. It measures 60cm x 23cm x 26cm
    • LIGHTWEIGHT: As a Big Cool Box It Is Light Weight, This Means You Can Freely Transport a Lot of Stuff With It. It Can Be Also Stored in a Case Since You Can Collapse It Down to Save 2/3 Space for Compact Storing. Capacity Is Up to 18 Litre . Cool Box Can Be Transported by Most of Vechicles
    • DURABLE: It Is Made of High Quality Materials That Are Damage Resistant . You Can Store Cool Box in Any Environment Like Hot Dessert, Wet Forest or Rocky Ground. It Can Stand Both Hot and Cold Temperatures
    • ECO FRIENDLY: Made of Material That Are Friendly to Environment. Cool Box Allows You to Store Any Food, From Sea Fishes, Various Soups, Cakes to Bottles of Whiskey. Its Harmless
    • FAMILY PICK: Great for Any Occasion, if You Need to Transport Cake for a Grandmother Birthday or Party Cool Box Is Way to Go. Due Its Capacity It Can Store a Lot of Stuff. Can Be Used by Your Children if They Want to Transport Their Dinner to School. It Is Very Versatile. This Is Great Option for Anyone Who Is Traveling Around

    Box Dimensions: 34cm x 8cm x 53.5cm

    Weight: 1810 g

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    Collapsible Pop Up Lunch Box With Handles

    Β£43.98 GBP

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