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    Fun Water Roulette Game For Kids' Parties

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    Have a spin and pull a pin! Bucket Hat Challenge that can be played indoors or outdoors. Fill the bucket with water place on your head along with the unique Apron to catch any water spilled. Spin the spinner to take turns pulling the pins out of the bucket hat. Which pin will get you drenched?! Contents: 1 Spinner, 1 Helmet, 1 Water Bucket, 1 Apron, 10x Pull Pins


    • DARE DRENCHER ROULETTE - A great game for the whole family, this wet and wild game will be loved by all
    • MAKES A GREAT GIFT - This game will make the perfect gift whether it be children or adults!
    • FOR 2 OR MORE PLAYERS - Have buckets of fun with this water roulette game. For 2 or more players.
    • EASY TO PLAY - Spin the spinner and follow the instructions to see who will get drenched?
    • PACKAGE CONTENTS - In this fun pack you will receive 1 spinner, 1 helmet, 1 water bucket, 10 pull pins and a unique apron that will catch the splashes



    Height: 25cm Depth: 14cm Width: 20cm Weight: 0.5kg


    Package Content

    1 x Helmet

    1 x Water Bucket

    1 x Spinner

    10 x Pull Pins

    1 x Apron

    Box Dimensions: 21cm x 14cm x 25cm

    Weight: 555 g

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    Fun Water Roulette Game For Kids' Parties

    Β£19.98 GBP

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