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    Decorative Green Obelisk For Supporting Climbing Plants In A Garden

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    • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL - This garden obelisk is a tall vertical frame, made with high-quality metal tubing which is designed for stability and load-bearing capacity. The four stakes anchor the obelisk into the ground to provide added stability, making it more resistant to wind and other weather conditions.

    • MODERN YET FUNCTIONAL - Not only does this trellis add beauty to your outdoor space, it also serves a practical purpose by helping to support your plants. It can well prop up plants to help them grow straight and healthy, and it can effectively prevent vines from spreading out. The metal obelisk can also protect plants against strong winds, heavy rain, or their own heavy blooms, making it an ideal choice for terraces, lawns, gardens, and courtyard areas.

    • EASY TO ASSEMBLE - Assembly is easy, as every tube comes with pre-cut and pre-drilled holes. Simply follow the top-to-bottom order for assembly, and don't forget to leave the screws slightly loose until the garden obelisk is fully assembled to make future installations easier.

    • VERSATILE USE - This metal obelisk is also a decorative piece that can enhance the look of your yard, garden, or outdoor walkway. Whether you use it to display holiday garlands or fairy lights, this garden obelisk is a versatile and stylish choice that will fit any outdoor setting, from classic to basic.

    • DIMENSIONS - The metal garden obelisk measures approximately 190 cm in total height, with a diameter of 40 cm. The height without the tip is approximately 180 cm. Also, available in packs of 2. Add it to your outdoor space today and watch your plants thrive under its supportive and stylish structure.

    This garden obelisk is made with high-quality metal tubing and coated with a weather-resistant paint finish, ensuring it can withstand the elements and remain a beautiful and functional addition to your outdoor space for years to come.
    Transform your outdoor space with a beautiful metal garden obelisk, perfect for displaying climbing plants and vegetables. Place it at entrances or pathways to make an entrancing statement.
    Our sturdy obelisk trellis is perfect for those looking to add some greenery and life into their garden. Its four legs can easily be inserted into the ground, providing a solid foundation that won't buckle under pressure - even when supporting heavy climbing plants.
    They come in packs of two, place them at entrances, along pathways, or wherever you desire to add beauty and charm to any outdoor space.

    Box Dimensions: 20.5cm x 4.5cm x 55cm

    Weight: 1480 g

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    Decorative Green Obelisk For Supporting Climbing Plants In A Garden

    Β£14.99 GBP

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