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    Heavy-Duty Repair Tape For Tents And Groundsheets Tough Fixing Tape

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    TOUGH REPAIR TAPE - Tough tape is a great option if you need quick repairs on your tent, ground cloth or clothing. It's made from polyethene resin composite substrate, making it durable enough for most tasks.

    STRONG STICKINESS - The repair tape has incredible durability and stickiness that allows it to be used in multiple ways such as fixing, sealing packing & repairing.

    WATERPROOF - The tough tape sticks to smooth and rough surfaces. This waterproof sealer has long-term preservation, meaning it will stick for quite some time.

    MULTI-USE TAPE - The repair tape is perfect for camping, hiking and other outdoor adventures. You can take it with you on your next adventure to fix groundsheets or patch tents quickly.

    ROLL SIZE - The 10M long tape roll has 4.8 cm L x 6 cm W. It can be easily torn by hands yet has durable stacking strength.

    The rigid tape is ideal for quick repairs to tents, groundsheets and clothing. It's made of a polyethene resin composite substrate that provides the ultimate in durability.

    The tough tape that sticks to smooth and rough surfaces is perfect for any environment. Unlike other tapes, this waterproof variety has an amazing ability to last long term without peeling or cracking.

    The repair tape is a great way to fix multiple problems on any surface. It can be used for anything from fixing, sealing and patching all the way up through packaging or bundling.

    The Repair Tape is a lightweight and small repair solution for your tent, groundsheets or any other outdoor equipment. You can easily fix it on the go without worrying about getting some help.

    Box Dimensions: 6cm x 5cm x 10.5cm

    Weight: 90 g

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    Heavy-Duty Repair Tape For Tents And Groundsheets Tough Fixing Tape

    Β£11.98 GBP

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