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    Enjoy Beach Vibes with Golden Shell Design Swim Float

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    Indulge in the luxury of golden days on the water with our Golden Shell Float! This stunning inflatable pool accessory is the perfect companion for sun-soaked afternoons at the pool or lounging at the lake.

    Shaped like a classic seashell, the float's beautiful golden hue makes a glamorous statement while providing a comfortable spot for relaxation. Measuring a spacious 160cm x 160cm with a thickness of 25cm, it offers ample room for lounging and enjoying the sun.

    Crafted from durable materials, this float is designed to withstand loads of up to 80kg, making it suitable for both adults and children alike. Its eye-catching design and comfortable shape are sure to make it a favorite addition to your summer fun.

    Product Details:

    • Golden Shell Float
    • Dimensions: 160cm x 160cm
    • Thickness: 25cm
    • Maximum load: 80kg
    • Design: Seashell
    • Color: Gold

    Experience the height of summer elegance with the Golden Shell Float. It's not just a pool accessory - it's a statement of style!

    Box Dimensions: 37cm x 7cm x 27cm

    Weight: 1840 g

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    Enjoy Beach Vibes with Golden Shell Design Swim Float

    Β£39.98 GBP

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