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    Glow-In-The-Dark Ground Rock 7-Inch Pegs For Tents

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    • GLOW IN THE DARK TOPPERS - The Tent Stakes Glow Brightly in the Dark, Helping to Locate Tent Pegs at Night or in Low Light Conditions. The Glow in the Dark Feature Also Allows You to Easily Maintain, Fix or Adjust the Tent Stakes Without Needed a Flashlight or Headlamp
    • PACK OF 4 CAMPING TENT PEGS – This Set Includes 4 Camping Tent Pegs That Can Be Used to Secure Any Type of Canvas or Microfibre Tents and Awnings to the Ground, So That They Don’t Blow Away in Strong Winds
    • STRONG MATERIAL – The Tent Pegs Are Made From Galvanised Steel So That They Are Refrained From Rusting While Exposed to the Elements, They Can Also Be Used to Anchor Gazebos and Tarpaulins to the Ground
    • NOT JUST FOR CAMPING – The Tent Pegs Are Not Just for the Campsite They Can Be Utilised However You May Need to Use Them, They Can Be Used in and Around the Garden
    • HOW TO ENSURE CORRECT USAGE - In Order to Ensure That the Pegs Hold Tents Firmly, the Angle Between the Pegs and the Ground Should Keep About 60 Degrees, and the Pegs' Top Should Be About 3 Cm From the Ground


    Length 18cm Diameter: 4mm

    Package Content:

    4 x Galvanised Glow in Dark Tent Pegs

    Box Dimensions: 27cm x 5cm x 10cm

    Weight: 250 g

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    Glow-In-The-Dark Ground Rock 7-Inch Pegs For Tents

    £5.99 GBP

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