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    Grey & Cream Woven Laundry Basket Stylish Storage

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    • Chemical-Free and Natural Material - This rope basket is made of natural cotton rope, ensuring a chemical-free storage solution for your home.
    • Multi-Purpose and Spacious - It is perfect for storing clothes, shoes, blankets, toys, bedding sheets, baby stuffed toys, towels, and more. Suitable for kids, adults, and pets.


    • Foldable and Easy to Carry - The portable design allows you to fold the basket and carry it with ease, making it ideal for outdoor trips and vacations.
    • Convenient Storage - When not in use, the basket can be easily stored thanks to its foldable design.


    • Durable Handles - The laundry basket comes with soft yet sturdy handles that make it easy to move and store in cabinets.
    • Washable Material - The basket is made of a durable and washable material that maintains its shape even when filled with heavy items.


    • Elegant and Modern Design - Elevate your home decor with our modern and elegant cotton rope storage basket.
    • Great Gift Option - It makes for a great gift option for your friends and loved ones during special occasions.


    • Large Capacity - Our 58L laundry basket has dimensions of 38.1cm L x 38.1cm W x 50.8cm H, making it perfect for use in various areas of your home.
    The Cotton Rope Storage Basket offers a versatile and stylish storage solution for your home. Made of natural cotton rope, it is safe, spacious, and easy to carry. The sturdy handles and washable material make it durable and practical for everyday use. Its modern design adds a touch of elegance to any room, making it a great gift option. With its large capacity, it is perfect for storing a wide range of items.

    Box Dimensions: 59cm x 4cm x 52cm

    Weight: 1600 g

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    Grey & Cream Woven Laundry Basket Stylish Storage

    Β£12.99 GBP

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