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    Dual-Use Hot And Cold Gel Pads Set Of 2

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    This twin pack of hot and cold gel packs is great as the individual gel packs can be re-used to how you see fit, the twin pack consists of 2 gel packs 1 red and 1 blue. The colour of the packs does not indicate any differences between the gel packs, both red and blue packs can be used as either a hot pack or a cold pack. The flexibility of the gel packs allows them to mould easily to the problem area for the most effective use.


    The hot pack can be used to relax and loosen tissues, stimulate blood flow and help to reduce discomfort. The pack is perfect for the relief of stress and tension and can also ease muscle pain and cramps. To heat the pack up place in the microwave and follow the instructions for timing on the back of the box.


    The cold pack can be used for a cooling effect for temperatures, fever and burns. The pack can be used to reduce swelling and pain associated with injuries with inflammation and sprains. The cold pack can be stored in the fridge or freezer for best results and it is required that the pack have a freezing period of approximately 1 hour before usage.


    • Twin pack hot/cold gel packs
    • Includes 1 red /1 blue gel pack in each box
    • Both packs can be used in the same way
    • Flexible moulds easily to the problem area
    • Cool in the fridge/freezer or heat in the microwave



    Height: 23cm Width: 14cm Weight: 540g


    Package Content

    2 x Hot/Cold Gel Packs

    Box Dimensions: cm x cm x cm

    Weight: 550 g

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    Dual-Use Hot And Cold Gel Pads Set Of 2

    Β£17.98 GBP

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