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    Stay Bug-Free with a Citronella Aroma Band

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    • AROMA BANDS – is proven to repel mosquitos, bugs and insects, these bands can be worn on the wrists ankles, hair or attached to buggies and cots for babies
    • LONG LASTING PROTECTION – Each bracelet offers up to 250 hours (10 Days) of protection, these mess-free bands are non-toxic and even waterproof so they can be worn while swimming
    • ONE SIZE FITS ALL – The insect repellent bands have an elasticated coil spring design allowing for adults and children to easily and comfortably wear them throughout the day

    It Is Proven to Repel Mosquitos, Bugs and Insects, These Bands Can Be Worn on the Wrists Ankles, Hair or Attached to Buggies and Cots for Babies. Each Bracelet Offers Up to 250 Hours (10 Days) of Protection, These Mess-free Bands Are Non-toxic and Even Waterproof So They Can Be Worn While Swimming.

    The Insect Repellent Bands Have an Elasticated Coil Spring Design Allowing for Adults and Children to Easily and Comfortably Wear Them Throughout the Day. These Bands Are a Simple Way to Keep Your Entire Family Protected From Insects While on Holiday or on a Camping Trip and Do Away With Those Messy Creams and Toxic Sprays That You Have to Keep Reapplying.



    • Height: 7cm Width: 7cm Depth: 1cm Weight: 0.1kg


    Package Content

    • 1 x Aroma Band

    Box Dimensions: cm x cm x cm

    Weight: g

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    Stay Bug-Free with a Citronella Aroma Band


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