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    Keep Your Home Fresh and Dry with an Interior Dehumidifier

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    This amazing fragranced interior dehumidifier is a great way to ease the problem of unwanted moisture around the house.  The dehumidifier Absorbs moisture in special silica granules inside the tub and is great for use in small rooms or areas where excess moisture can cause problems. Significantly reduces the risk of mildew occurring in spaces such as wardrobes, cupboards and drawers. Prevents dust mite population from increasing, Stops condensation on windows and water pipes. Puts a stop to musty smells and Removes mould fungus and stops mildew from appearing.

    • Fragranced dehumidifier
    • Silica Granules that absorb moisture
    • Reduces risk of mildew and fungus
    • Prevents dust mites
    • Stops condensation and musty smells
    • Choose from 5 different fragrances

    Package Contents


    1 x Interior dehumidifiers


    5 Packs:

    5 x Interior dehumidifiers

    Box Dimensions: cm x cm x cm

    Weight: 100 g

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    Keep Your Home Fresh and Dry with an Interior Dehumidifier


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