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    Cozy Grey Hot Water Bottle With Fun Pom Pom Design

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    • LONG HOT WATER BOTTLE - This luxury hot water bottle can be used in a variety of ways and is sure to provide cosiness and warmth all over your body. It features a cover that adds an extra layer of comfort and acts as the perfect cuddly replacement.

    • DURABLE & SAFE - Our ribbed textured design hot water bottle features a large mouth that prevents any overflow, as well as an extra secure leak-resistant screw - giving you maximum heat and protection.

    • THERMOTHERAPY HOT WATER BOTTLE - Our hot water bottle is not only safe and durable, but it also provides excellent thermotherapy. The long water bottle heat pad is perfect for providing warmth to the neck, shoulders, back, and abdomen. It's especially beneficial for those who suffer from tension or cramps.

    • COSY FLUFFY COVER - This long hot water bottle comes with a soft and cosy cover that is velvety to the touch. The soft cover also makes it perfect for cosy evenings spent on the couch with a glass of wine. It's a great way to add warmth and comfort to your body on those cold winter days.

    • DIMENSIONS - With its large capacity, our hot water bottle provides the whole body with cuddly warmth. Measuring 72 cm x 12 cm and with a capacity of 2 litres, it's the perfect size for providing warmth all over your body.

    Our extra-long hot water bottle is longer than the average hot water bottle, but it also comes with a fluffy cover to add extra comfort.
    Our hot water bottle is made from high-quality rubber materials that provides durable and excellent thermal properties, ensuring it will last for many winters to come. And with the fluffy cover, you can snuggle up in bed and feel like you're being hugged by a cloud.
    Imagine waking up on a cold winter morning and not having to worry about getting out of bed to refill your hot water bottle. With our extra-long hot water bottle, you can sleep soundly through the night and wake up feeling refreshed and cosy.

    Not only is it perfect for cold winter nights, but it's also great for soothing aches and pains. Whether you have menstrual cramps or a sore back, our hot water bottle will provide the relief you need.

    Box Dimensions: 13cm x 4cm x 72.5cm

    Weight: 600 g

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    Cozy Grey Hot Water Bottle With Fun Pom Pom Design

    Β£10.99 GBP

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