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    Usb-Powered Mosquito Killer Lamp For Indoor/Outdoor Use

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    A mosquito repelling lamp using suction which is highly effective for removing troublesome insects naturally (eco-friendly) without unpleasant smells or chemical or toxic products that pollute the environment. It has 4 UV LEDs (360-400 nm) that attract the mosquitos and an internal fan that sucks them into the interior tank where they are trapped and killed.

    Thanks to its innovative compact and portable design, it can be placed easily in different positions and can be transported anywhere without problems. It includes an adhesive support to stick it to the wall if you want to save space. It is used mainly indoors, but can also be used outdoors. It works using a USB connection, so its USB cable (included) can be connected to a plug socket (with a USB adaptor, not included), to a laptop computer or a power bank for use anywhere. For greater convenience, the cable winds up inside the base of the device. To clean, you simply need to open the tank and clean it with a brush or damp cloth.

    • Material: PP
    • Innovative and functional design
    • Type:
      • Electric
      • Compact
      • Multi-position
      • Silent
    • Eco-friendly: No odours or chemicals
    • LED UV:
      • x4
      • 360-400 nm
    • main use: Interiors
    • secondary use: Exterior
    • Light and manageable
    • Comfortable, simple and safe use
    • Easy to dismantle and clean
    • Easy to transport and store
    • Easy to set up
    • Includes: adhesive support for wall
    • Operation: USB Connection
    • USB Cable: 100 cm
    • Cable compartment
    • Power: 5 W
    • DC USB 5 V / 1 A - 2 A
    • Approx. dimensions: 12 x 6 cm

    V0103238 - KL Lite Suction Anti Mosquito Lamp

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    Box Dimensions: 14cm x 10cm x 14cm

    Weight: 250 g

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    Usb-Powered Mosquito Killer Lamp For Indoor/Outdoor Use

    Β£29.98 GBP

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