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    Pack of 10 Non-Slip Plastic Hangers, Slip-Resistant Clothes Hangers, Closet Organizers

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    Are you trying to organise your wardrobe?
    The hangers cluttering up your wardrobe are different designs and sizes?
    You have trouser hanger, scarf hanger, t-shirt hangers, winter coat hanger, women's coat hangers, men's coat hangers, black hangers, purple hanger, and so on???


    Try these great Non-Slip Plastic Hangers and make your wardrobe look even more stylish and organised.


    The slim line design of these non-slip hangers, saves a large amount of space compared to most standard hangers, meaning you'll have much more room in your wardrobes. The sturdy construction of the nonslip hangers means they'll last practically forever, resisting the bumps, drops and bangs of daily use.

    The pack of 10 non slip coat hangers are available in pink, green or blue.


    The  Non Slip garment hangers are ideal for all kinds of items of clothing. These thin hangers are all purpose for shirts, blouses, dresses, suits, jackets, coats, skirts etc. Curved corners allow clothes to keep their shape and will not damage clothing. They also have an integrated trousers bar which is also great for hanging ties, scarfs, belts and have small notches for hanging clothes with straps.



    • Non-Slip Plastic Hangers for adult clothing
    • Ideal for garments that slip off easily on regular hangers
    • Built in trouser bar for hanging ties, scarfs & belts
    • Available in blue, pink or green
    • Rubberised texture prevents slipping
    • Gentle curves preserves shape of clothing
    • Sturdy skeleton
    • Great space saver
    • Great for organizing wardrobes
    • Measurements 41cm x 22cm

    Box Dimensions: cm x cm x cm

    Weight: g

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    Pack of 10 Non-Slip Plastic Hangers, Slip-Resistant Clothes Hangers, Closet Organizers


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