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    Out Of Blue Party Night Drinking Game

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    • Vibrant, fun-filled adult party game designed to liven up social gatherings.
    • Game set includes a colorful board, a dice, and four game pieces in red, blue, green, and yellow.
    • Gameplay involves a variety of tasks and challenges, ensuring a dynamic and unpredictable experience.
    • Tasks range from "Drink 2" to "All Drink," "Start Again" to "Miss a Turn."
    • Board features iconic party imagery, such as cocktail glasses, bottles, and disco balls on a lively blue background.
    • Compact size makes it perfect for various settings, from house parties to camping trips.
    • Just roll the dice, follow the instructions, and let the laughter-filled evening begin.
    • Please remember to enjoy responsibly.

    Box Dimensions: 25cm x 5cm x 256cm

    Weight: 400 g

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    Out Of Blue Party Night Drinking Game

    Β£9.98 GBP

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