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    Keep Your Gazebo Secure With Pjb Leg Support Weights

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    If you are constantly worrying whether or not your gazebo will blow away in windy conditions, then these easy to assemble Gazebo Leg Weights are the perfect solution!


    This set offers a fast and effective method for securing your gazebo. It includes 4 gazebo leg weights which are manufactured from heavy duty weather resistant plastic. Each weight comprises two halves that screw together using easy in and out screws and can be fitted in seconds with no tools required.

    These leg weights are suitable for round and square poles with a maximum diameter of 25mm and can simply be filled with either sand or water for the required additional weight. Each leg weight weighs approximately 11kg each when filled with sand and approximately 8kg when filled with water. When not in use, they are easily emptied for storage. They allow your gazebos, marquees and market stalls to be confidently used on patios, concrete and other hard surfaces, securing them to the ground safely without the necessity of guy ropes and pegs.


    • Suitable for round or square poles with maximum diameter of 25mm
    • Perfect for patios, market tents, marquee tents
    • Caps on each compartment for added convenience in filling & emptying
    • Useful in areas where stabilising guy ropes & pegs cannot be used
    • Made of heavy duty weather resistant plastic
    • Lightweight & portable for easy transport
    • Easy to assemble, no tools required



    Height: 25.5cm Diameter: 25cm Weight: 3.3kg


    Package Content

    4 x Gazebo Leg Support Weights

    Box Dimensions: cm x cm x cm

    Weight: 3330 g

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    Keep Your Gazebo Secure With Pjb Leg Support Weights

    £59.98 GBP

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