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    Pack of 20 Resuable Ice Cubes

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    Enhance your beverage experience with these Reusable Ice Cubes, a must-have for any party, BBQ, or casual get-together.

    • Stay Chilled: These reusable ice cubes are designed to keep any type of beverage perfectly chilled, ensuring a refreshing drink every time.
    • No Dilution: Unlike traditional ice, these cubes won't melt into your drink, preventing watered-down beverages. Just pop them back into the freezer for next use.
    • Party Ready: With 20 cubes in each pack, you'll always have enough to keep the drinks cold, making them a perfect accessory for BBQs and parties.
    • Colour Variety: The ice cubes come in four vibrant colours - pink, green, blue, and orange - adding a fun and festive touch to your drinks.
    • Dimensions: Each pack measures 14cm in height and 7cm in diameter, with a weight of 320g, perfect for storage and transportation.

    Package Content includes 1 x Pack of 20 Reusable Ice Cubes. Enhance your parties and casual get-togethers with these practical and colourful reusable ice cubes.

    Box Dimensions: cm x cm x cm

    Weight: g

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    Pack of 20 Resuable Ice Cubes


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