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    Keep Your Space Clean with a Pedal Bin

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    Product description

    These recycle bins are of a simple design and they are perfect for use around the home and office. The bins are made from a strong, durable plastic so should not dent, peal or chip. They are very easy to clean and maintain making them an essential to have in the kitchen or office so you can easily keep the place tidy at all times.


    The recycling bins come in 2 different sizes which are 25L and 50L and are available in a variety of colours. The bins can be used to separate your rubbish and waste into the different recycling types such as paper, plastic , glass, etc.



    • Recycling bin with coloured lids
    • Rubbish waste bin
    • Ideal for use in and around the home or office
    • Available in different colours and sizes




    Height: 51cm Width: 20cm Depth: 40cm


    Height: 50cmWidth:39cm Depth: 39cm


    Package Content

    1 x Recycling Bin

    Box Dimensions: cm x cm x cm

    Weight: g

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    Keep Your Space Clean with a Pedal Bin


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