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    Comfortable And Durable Pet Carrier Basket In Pink And Grey Colors

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    • SAFE TRAVEL - Secure Your Pets When Traveling or When Going to the Vet With These Cool Carriers. Made From Durable Plastic and Features Strong Carry Handles, Large Air Vents, and a Wide Accessible Door. Will Fit Small Dog, Cat, Kitten, Rabbit, and Other Small Animals
    • HARD SIDED PET CARRIER - Spree Pet Carrier is suitable as a dog carrier or cat carrier and is perfect for quick trips to the Veterinarian, dog park, pet store, etc.
    • EASY ASSEMBLY - Dog Carrier Made of Durable, Easy to Clean Polypropylene Plastic & Includes a Built-in Carrying Handle. Spree Features a Patented, Quick & Easy 5 Steps, No-tools Assembly. Our Pet Carrier Assembles Much Easier Than Competitor Carriers That Use β€œnut & Bolt” Assembly
    • PERFECT FOR SMALL AND MEDIUM ANIMALS - Perfect Pet Carrier for Small / Medium Dogs, Cats, or Large Rodents. Pet Carrier Measurements Are: Length: 46cm, Width: 29.8cm, Height: 16.6cm
    • AIR VENTILATION - Includes Vents for Optimum Air Circulation With Handle


    Length: 46cm, Width: 29.8cm, Height: 16.6cm, Weight: 1.3kg

    Box Dimensions: 31cm x 31cm x 45cm

    Weight: 1440 g

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    Comfortable And Durable Pet Carrier Basket In Pink And Grey Colors

    Β£27.98 GBP

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