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    Plastic Clothes Dryer Rack Laundry Hanger for Underwear Socks 18 Pegs Hanger

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    • CLOTHES DRYING RACK - Clothes hanger comes with 18 pegs used for drying garments such as baby clothes, socks, gloves, panties, hats, and other lightweight items. Used for both indoor and outdoor drying.

    • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION - The sock drying rack is made up of durable plastic construction suitable for easy hanging. The clips hold securely and release easily, providing the perfect place to hang up delicate washables.

    • 360Β° SWIVEL HOOK - The laundry dryer rack is designed with a solid rotating hanging hook to prevent it from dripping off the washing line. Its 360-degree rotation feature makes it convenient to adjust any peg you want to use without any obstructions from other laundry clothes.

    • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE - The dryer's lightweight, portable and rectangular design makes it easy to carry when travelling. With this compact design, it can also be used indoors to organise your closet including school ties, belts, or uniforms.

    • DIMENSION - This clothes drying rack is a practical solution for drying your clothes, with a compact size of 31 x 33 cm that makes it easy to store in small spaces. It comes equipped with 18 sturdy and durable pincers, providing ample space to hang and dry your clothes without the need for a dryer.

    The laundry drying hanger is made of durable plastic that comes with 18 clips, 4 chains, 1 base and 1 hook. It is used to dry small garments such as underwear, socks, bras, towels, hats, and scarves, making it a versatile drying option. Four chains ensure the perfect balance of the hanger and can be adjusted to different clothing lines.

    The multipurpose hanger can be used for both indoor and outdoor drying and can be hung on a shower curtain rod, clothesline, balcony, or garment rack. It is an ideal accessory for housewives looking for a multifunctional clothes dryer.

    Featuring a unique rotatable hanging hook with a firm grip, the sock rack won't fall off the clothing line or be blown away by high winds. The convenient 360-degree rotation allows easy access to each piece of clothing. Its lightweight design and portable build make it easy to carry anywhere. The plastic clips have finely textured, non-slip teeth that won't damage your laundry items.


    The clothes hanger comes in any one random colour.

    Box Dimensions: 34cm x 2cm x 39.5cm

    Weight: 130 g

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    Plastic Clothes Dryer Rack Laundry Hanger for Underwear Socks 18 Pegs Hanger

    Β£6.99 GBP

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