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    Relieve Stress with a Pop Mates Popping Toy

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    • SIX COLOURS, SIX DESIGNS - Toys Come In Six Different Colours And Distinct Geometric Shapes. These Shapes Are A Well Balanced Mixture Of Most Basic Geometric Shapes (Square, Triangle) Mixed With Common Shapes (Heart, Star). This Way Your Kids Will Not Get Bored With The Toys Anytime Soon
    • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY AND SAFE MATERIALS - The Toys Are Made Of Environmentally Friendly, High-Quality Silicone. They Are Completely Safe For Childrens' Use, Can Bea Easily Cleaned And Reused
    • EASY TO CARRY AND PLAY WITH - Due To Their Small Size They Are Extremely Handy And Can Be Taken And Played With Just About Anywhere. Thanks To The Key Chain You Can Attach It To Your Backpack Or Clothes To Make Sure It Will Not Get Lost
    • MIND TRAINING - A Great Way For Your Litte Ones To Further Develop Their Minds, Especially Logical Thinking Ability, Geometry, And Social Skills. They Also Work Wonders With Reducing Stress, Anxiety, And Fatigue For All Age Groups, Not Just Children
    • IDEAL GIFT - Surprise Your Kids With A Remarkably Small Gift That Can Have Huge Benefits In Terms Of Fun And Development For Them And For You. The Toys Are The Perfect Entertainer, Ready At All Times And In All Places

    Box Dimensions: cm x cm x cm

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    Relieve Stress with a Pop Mates Popping Toy


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