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    Pop Up Portable High Visibility 18" Safety Cone Emergency Football Traffic

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    Enhance safety and visibility with our Pop-Up Safety Cone. This high-visibility cone offers a range of uses, making it a versatile tool in various situations.

    • Emergency road safety: Use the cone to alert others in case of road incidents, breakdowns, or other emergencies, ensuring a safe environment for everyone.
    • Compact and collapsible: Designed for convenience, the safety cone collapses easily and can be stored in the boot of a car or carried with ease, allowing for quick deployment when needed.
    • Multipurpose usage: Whether it's for road traffic incidents, football training, work hazards, or other scenarios, this cone serves as a reliable warning sign, providing clear visibility and enhancing safety.
    • Expandable height: The cone can be expanded to a height of 18", making it noticeable from a distance and ensuring maximum visibility in various settings.
    • Convenient and lightweight: With its lightweight and compact design, this safety cone is easy to transport and handle, allowing for quick and hassle-free setup.

    Experience the versatility and practicality of our Pop Up Safety Cone. From emergency situations to everyday applications, this cone provides high visibility and serves as a reliable safety tool. Stay prepared, be seen, and prioritize safety with this convenient and effective safety cone.

    Box Dimensions: cm x cm x cm

    Weight: 570 g

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    Pop Up Portable High Visibility 18" Safety Cone Emergency Football Traffic

    Β£9.99 GBP

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